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On Colouring Books for Adults


So I had one of those days – you know the ones? Where you show up for that event which you’ve eagerly awaited only to learn that you’re a full 24 hours late? Where you spill water all over yourself at work? Where you actually forget to stop at the gas station even though the gas light is on? Sigh.

So – I decided to treat myself to something that I’ve been wanting for a while – Outside the Line: an artists’ colouring book for giant imaginations. And it’s fantastic! I chose this particular colouring book because the drawings varied in size and complexity – I can see myself using a variety of media on these pages from coloured pencils to markers, pastels to crayons!  The thick paper provides enough distance between pages to prevent leeching – it’s definitely built tough enough to mix media.

Colouring books are no longer reserved for children – in fact, many adults are now using them as a relaxing and creative outlet. I’m not so fantastic at drawing, so the pre-drawn images allow me experiment with colour without having to worry about the specifics. And my-oh-my is it a relaxing way to end the day!

Here’s hoping that tomorrow will prove less exhausting.



5 thoughts on “On Colouring Books for Adults

  1. I love this one! Barnes and noble has a $10 adult coloring book that I have had my eye on for a while! Probably made by this same brand? I’m not sure but i want it, because you are right, it’s soothing and therapeutic and if nothing else it passes time! :) A well loved hobby is what i would call it!

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