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New Writing Tools For On-the-go Writing


I love writing tools: pens, paper, notebooks – they’re kind of my thing. My favourites? Moleskine notebooks and 1.0mm pens.

I recently picked up the perfect pair – a tiny set of moleskine notebooks that fit in the palm of my hand, and a pack of PaperMate InkJoy 1.0mm pens. They’re fantastic!

The notebooks are my go-to spaces for writing ideas and music reviews. I keep one in my purse at all times, in case inspiration strikes. So far, I’ve come up with several blog posts on-the-go.

The pens are so easy to write with – words flow effortlessly with minimal pressure. They feel like uniball or gel pens, without the unprofessional smearing or damp ink. These are easily the best disposable ballpoint pens that I’ve encountered!


One thought on “New Writing Tools For On-the-go Writing

  1. I love love love moleskine journals too—I have the small pocket size for my ideas and then the larger size to take the ideas to the next level. I also use Inkjoy pens in the various colors–if you like InkJoy you should also try Uni-ball JetStream 1.0 pens! I love Inkjoy but find jetstream to be a tad bit better on the moleskine paper.

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