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Photo Roll – My Terrible Food Photography #uglyfood

Happy Storm Day!

Today I’m all cozy and warm at home – just spent the morning doing a Spring clean of my bathroom. So… not really great blog inspiration to work with. Which got me thinking of other things that probably shouldn’t be shared with any sort of enthusiasm…

Enter the ugly food photo gallery.

It seems like everyone is sharing photos of their plates these days. I’m absolutely guilty of snapping a quick shot of a meal before digging in. But, unlike most people, I tend to take the worst photos of meals. Photos that make the food look somehow awkward and unappetizing.

Unfortunately, most of my followers don’t see the humour in my terrible photos, and instead respond with cautious, polite comments that hint concern for my sad eating habits. The following photo received particularly concerned comments regarding my portion sizes:

Potato, beet greens, and sausage. Yum.

They’re frowny faces! Come on. So… I thought that I would re-share some of the absolutely terrible food photos that I have taken over the years in the borderline depressing gallery. Please try to see the humour in this hot mess of awful photography. I can make any meal look terrible.

Actually, all of this food has put me in a cooking mood. Follow me on instagram for more ugly food updates. And (likely) some great comments that politely poke fun at my terrible photos.

Happy Sunday!


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