Garden Progress – Planting Our Pepper Seedlings

Approximate size of a pepper seedling at planting – I look for about a centimeter of root and loss of the seed coat

There’s progress in our garden!

As I posted a couple weeks ago, we always start germinating our pepper seeds a solid 8-10 weeks before we intend to plant. Yesterday night we transferred some of the larger seedlings into their ‘indoor’ homes.

Our sweet banana and Hungarian hot peppers from Hawthorn Farms are taking off, with the TAM Jalapenos lagging behind just a bit.

Jalapeno seed progress – we’re starting to see roots now!

Once the seedlings have developed about a centimeter of root tissue and the seed coat has fallen (or can be gently removed), we transfer our seedlings to a 32-cell Jiffy Seed Starter potting tray. These are a personal favourite because they can be planted directly into the ground. We use regular potting soil, which is gently arranged around the delicate plant.

Such a beautiful seedling!

One of our gardening dilemmas is always labeling our seedlings.  Last night, as I planted the final seedlings, Scott raced around the house looking for the perfect marker. He emerged from the computer room with these thick popsicle sicks that looked oddly familiar… wait – the extra date night idea sticks!? My friends had presented me with these at my bachelorette party, with the intention that I might add my own ideas on the extras. I suppose they can represent garden-related dates.


Scott’s markers – Hot Banana Peppers and Sweet Banana Peppers.


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