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Lego Dates – Technic Construction Set

It’s been a laid back week in the Greer household. After a chaotic weekend of family visits, we’ve been enjoying quiet weeknights in our cozy apartment.

Two months after the holiday season, we still have Lego sets that have yet to be built (I am not complaining!) – the most interesting being the Lego Technic Construction Crew Trio (42023). This was a belated birthday gift for Scott – and our first experience with the Technic pieces.

Lego technic loader and escavator

We decided to start with the cherry-red excavator – the tracks alone make this a unique build. We were impressed with how solid and weirdly functional it turned out, although the slow twisting motion to raise and lower the arm is a drag. Literally. The tracks are particularly interesting (and have us thinking of those 90s robots – you know the ones).

Lego Technic loader and excavator

Our second build was the yellow loader. We loved the wheels – they’re jumbo by Lego standards. The complex gear work and inside-out build approach made it a pretty enjoyable project.

The technic pieces are not normal bricks; they look and build in a way that feels solid and mechanical. The set includes plenty of gears, connectors, and custom pieces that really make it a good value. I can see these pieces going into a lot of different builds, from vehicles to fun additions to a regular lego house. I can’t wait to finish the final piece of this set (a bright blue dump truck) and see what else we can create.


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