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The Best (Blogging) Advice I’ve Been Given

Hi folks –

As I mentioned last week, I’m reviving some topics from a little book called Live this Day.

Today I flipped to a random page and came across the question:

What is the best advice you were ever given?

Last year I talked about following my instincts – which is still the best advice I’ve received, to be honest. So I decided to write about the best piece of blogging advice that I’ve ever been given.

And, as usual, it comes from my blogging bestie: “Everything is a blog post”.

These ninja bread cookies…
… this fox visitor …
… and whatever it is that I’m doing here – all potential blog posts.

Seriously. Think about it. Everything has potential.

Ok – so you wake up in the morning – how? What does your alarm clock sound like? What does it make you think of? What was the last dream you remember right before waking up?

Somehow you get out of bed – what’s your morning ritual? When do you wake up? Why? What did you wear today? How did you accessorize? What did you eat for breakfast? Do you have a favourite go-to activity that helps you energize before a big day? What are your favourite bath products? How do you stay organized?

You go to work – how did you get there? Did you see anything interesting on the way? What do you do? How did you discover your career? What did you have for lunch? What do you like to read on break? What was the funniest thing your coworker told you? What new thing do you want to try?

You get home from work – what was the first thing you did to relax? What did you prepare for supper? How do you manage your chores? Do you have a hobby? What do you plan to do tonight? What did you do last night?

Seriously – every day, every event, every interaction, everything is a potential blog post. The question you should ask yourself is not what to write about, but from what perspective. To inform? To entertain? To vent? To connect? Maybe a mixture?

Blogging is sharing – whether it’s a personal story, an opinion, or a set of instructions – writing about it helps you to connect with others whose interests overlap yours.

So write about you day. Write about your passions and aspirations. Just don’t say that there’s nothing worth writing about.


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