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On Colouring Books for Adults

So I had one of those days – you know the ones? Where you show up for that event which you’ve eagerly awaited only to learn that you’re a full 24 hours late? Where you spill water all over yourself at work? Where you actually forget to stop at the gas station even though the gas… Continue reading On Colouring Books for Adults


Photo-roll: Whale Watching with the Pacific Whale Foundation in Maui, Hawaii

One of our more spectacular honeymoon activities was an unforgettable snorkeling trip that featured easily the best whale-watching of my life.  Honestly – I’ll let the photos do the talking – but the views of humpback whales during the winter are fantastic. You can easily spot these gentle beauties from shore, but a whale-watching or… Continue reading Photo-roll: Whale Watching with the Pacific Whale Foundation in Maui, Hawaii


Fun Tool for Designing a Virtual Garden

Happy Weekend! This afternoon the sun is shining and I’ve got garden on the brain. Of course, there are still several feet of snow covering the ground… so I’ve been keeping entertained by playing with this delightful little Garden-Builder from Mine looked like this: You can drag-and-drop your favourite veggies into the various sized plots… Continue reading Fun Tool for Designing a Virtual Garden


Saturday Smoothies – I Bought a Blender

I recently purchased the Nutribullet blender… annnnnd… I’m becoming one of those smoothie-drinking people. So far, the Nutribullet is great – it makes blended beverages in just the right size for two and can make soup in seven minutes. Like actual hot soup. It’s pretty cool. (hot). I’m just starting to come up with recipes for… Continue reading Saturday Smoothies – I Bought a Blender


Cities: Skylines City Simulator Review

Every once in a while I find a video game that surprises me. I’ve played a number of simulation games including a number of the Sim city spin offs. I always found them interesting, but the gameplay always felt overly simplified, while (ironically) the controls felt overly complicated. Frustrating. I was surprised when I came across Cities:… Continue reading Cities: Skylines City Simulator Review