Hometown Ideas · Prince Edward Island

I Think I Enjoy Hibernation

This Rescue Bot is feeling the winter blues… Ugh.




It’s dark and dreary – particularly in Prince Edward Island.

It’s easy for me to hide out in my home throughout the winter months – I can enjoy movies, music, books, and computer games.  But when I hear about my BFF’s crazy adventures in Toronto or a music event that I totally missed out on… well I start to feel something like the FOMO phenomenon.

You know – the Fear Of Missing Out? Although that doesn’t really fit here… but I do feel bad when I miss things because I’m too  darn lazy to get out of my cozy hibernation niche.

I think most people experience this, particularly in the frozen months when it’s just too hard to go outside. Seriously – getting myself dressed for the cold has become an ordeal. Where are my good mittens?! Why are my boots so hard to put on?! WHY IS IT SO COLD OUT?! But there are really a lot of great things out there that I should take advantage of.

Like concerts. Fantastic meals. Random festivals. Skating. Skiing. The list goes on and on. I should do these things. But… I like video games. And writing.

Ugh. I don’t have a fear of missing out. I have a comfortable home and a lazy lifestyle. Can’t wait for spring to get back in my garden. But if you need me these days, I’m probably enjoying the quiet life on my couch. Mmmmm.



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