On two months of continuous blogging

Blogging since January 1st. And with very infrequent defacing of this hilarious cat calendar!

Tomorrow I’ll hit a milestone – two continuous months of nonstop blogging! I overcame the two week hurdle and kept blogging on and on – and I’m pretty darn proud of my effort.

Making a habit of blogging has not been easy. Since the beginning of January I’ve worked hard, and yet the future will hold even more distractions as the weather warms for off-island travel and I get back into my writing courses. But making it through these two months has given me a good baseline for achieving my writing goals.

Here are a few of my take-aways:

1. Make a schedule and try to stick to it. Don’t let yourself procrastinate unless you want your entire day to be about that tiny thing that you put off writing.

2. Giving yourself a break can be good, but preparing posts in advance can be draining. Schedule times to produce extras and stick to deadlines (if you ever hope to publish).

3. Edit photos in groups. This will save you frustration if you’re not a huge fan of editing, and will provide you with topics to build upon.

My take-aways revolve around the same theme – just keep writing. Force yourself to do it. Produce something. Edit. Move forward. If blogging didn’t have such steep deadlines, I would add “edit again”  – the first time for content and the second time for flow. Or something like that.

Blogging had helped me to practice writing. It’s taught me to move past my fear of sounding ridiculous and to be more productive. 


One thought on “On two months of continuous blogging

  1. Good short read. I also just recently started blogging. I did give myself a short break due to a 2 week trip to the States but am back on. (I secretly wish that I had blogged while on the trip…but would like to try to stick to the “Hobby Farm”)

    I also loved reading your take ons.

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