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What You Searched to Get Here

st andrews by the sea lighthouse, new brunswick

My BFF published a post about the search terms that users used to get to her blog, which got me thinking –

How are you all getting here?!

Unfortunately, to find this information you have to access the “old” WordPress stats page – but thankfully the info is still available. Please enjoy the following results.

Top 5 most popular search terms:

  1. skills for working with children
  2. skills needed to work with children
  3. skills working with children
  4. skills to have when working with children
  5. crochet dinosaur

lol – I am far from an expert on child relations! But thank goodness for those of you who want to create crochet dinosaurs!

Top 5 most unusual search terms:

  1. olympic flag (x5) – I write about flags?
  2. fredericton new brunswick churches (x2) – ok…?
  3. nursing skills working with children (x2) – I am not a nurse!
  4. what special skills have you gained working with artistic kids (x2) – wow, that’s specific…
  5. turning 26 (x 83) – good to know that you’re all thinking about it.

Top 5 most entertaining search terms:

  1. pretty wreck this journal 
  2. traditions in the east coast
  3. johnville new brunswick
  4. when asked to send resume in an email what do you say
  5. sea caves

Honestly – I am so flattered to see all of the things that my blog is viewed for. I can’t wait to see how my views change in the next year or two! Thanks to all my random searchers – I really hope that my old posts can be of help to those looking for career advice!


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