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Freshly Planted Succulent Dish



Garden shopping has started – which is unbelievable when you see several feet of snow piled as far as the eye can see. We picked up some new potting soil and jiffy pots… and finally picked up some succulents to fill the empty flower-pot on my desk.

Yes, I had an empty pot of dirt on my desk – that’s perfectly normal.

We decided to create our own succulent arrangement – which will likely last about a month before it starts to grow wild and unruly. I’m just glad to see some greenery!

I also had a little extra succulent, which I left in its original pot. As luck would have it, the post fit perfectly inside a slightly chipped tea-cup that I’ve held on to. I think it will make a cheerful cubicle plant. I also can’t wait to see the contrast between succulents that have access to natural sunlight versus my desk light. My inner biologist can barely be contained.



We’ll start our garden seeds this weekend. More on that soon!


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