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Birthday Journaling – Reflections on Living each Day

Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday (Happy Birthday Tee – check out her awesome blog here). And with my birthday coming up in just over a month, I’ve definetly got birthdays on the brain!

Last year I came across a great little journal titled Live This Day – a Birthday Book of questions and reflections. I decided to complete one page each day in the month leading up to my birthday.  The result? A lovely little time capsule that perfectly reflects my thoughts and feelings just one year ago. I intend to sit down and re-read each entry in the coming month.

Live this Day a Birthday Book

This little journal is so sweet. Each page is devoted to a writing topic, ranging to reflections on yourself, people in your life, your aspirations, your accomplishments, and your memories. My favourite questions included:

  • What’s the greatest adventure you’ve had?
  • What’s your personal motto?
  • What makes you feel deeply alive?
  • What inspires you?

Do these questions get the gears turning or what?

Live this day a birthday journal question

One particularly fun part of this journal is the list pages – I love looking back at the short-form thoughts about what I want to savour in the next year.

Live this day a birthday book list

I enjoy reflecting – but looking back on the last year is particularly interesting. A year ago I had yet to find a full time job and was months from my wedding day. I have some pretty silly things to say on both topics, as well as some heart-felt sentiments that are particularly meaningful. It’s interesting to see how far I’ve come in a short time.

Honestly, I wanted to take a second chance at this journal. I returned to the store where I originally purchased it, but none remained in stock. That said, I think that I can make use of the reflective questions in a different way this year. I’m thinking of a mixed media project – drawing, writing, blogging, and whatever else strikes my fancy – to reflect on what a monumental year I’ve had.

Because this year is not worth forgetting. Not one bit.

Live this day a birthday journal repeat


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