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On Sharing Science Through Art

Reading Julia Rothman’s Nature Anatomy has inspired me in more way than one.

I enjoyed the bright illustrations and simplified biological concepts in Rothman’s book and was reminded of my studies. And my own drawings.

Yesterday I came across an old box of notes from my Masters studies and found myself immediately drawn to my old field notes from marine biology courses.

crab biological diagrams

Did I love studying marine creatures? Of course! Who doesn’t like a chance to see an animal up close and personal – but in order to really learn the adaptations of each creature, we were encouraged to draw them out in detail. This has left me with some of my best artwork – which has been hidden away in stinky old notebooks like this one.

biological drawing flat fish biological drawing crabs biological drawing of starfish

This notebook reflects a field course that I took in Millport, Scotland. I also wrote a pretty silly comic about the week – which you can find on my former blog Tiger Pearl. My goodness it brings back some fantastic memories!

I miss the days when I could just pick up a pad of paper and draw my feelings out. I really need to get my pens and paper back in motion. If nothing else, reading Julia Rothman’s beautiful books have got me back in the mindset for drawing out the concepts that I love. Check back soon for more fun doodles.


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