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The Tide and Boar Gastropub Moncton

Our Honeymoon started with an overnight stay in Moncton, New Brunswick. I was secretly excited because I’ve wanted an excuse to check out Moncton’s Tide and Boar Gastropub. It’s been featured on “You’ve Gotta Eat Here” and listed as one of Canada’s top 50 restaurants.

We started our meal with beer from much-recommended Grimross Brewery, which happens to be located in our hometown of Fredericton, New Brunswick. We were excited to try their Cheval D’Or – a traditional farmhouse ale. I was surprised by the light, crisp flavour that reminded me of my favourite summer lagers. Delicious!

Grimross Brewing Company Cheval D’Or – this is my dream summer beer!

The pub’s atmosphere is laid back and modern, which is right up this brewery-lover’s alley. I was particularly taken by their playlist – a mixture of my favourite Canadian musicians – as well as their upcoming acts including Rich Aucoin and Joel Plaskett. Our conversation quickly turned to how this would be “our favourite place” if it were in Charlottetown.

Quinoa burger at Moncton’s Tide and Boar

We were both giddy when the food arrived. As it was the night before a significant journey, we decided to veer on the safe side of the menu.  I opted for the quinoa burger with goat cheese and sprouts, which was just what I needed. The patty was light and slightly crunchy, while the goat cheese really gave the meal some flavor. Scott had The Burger – he couldn’t resist the bacon, cheddar, and caramelized onion, but claimed the pickles to be especially fantastic.

Weirdly, the meal’s stars were the french fries. Potato skin left on, fry cut, and seasoned to perfection – they were simple yet addictive. The small ones especially… they tasted like kettle chips. Amazing.

The Burger at Moncton’s Tide and Boar – a real masterpiece!

We can’t wait to return to the Tide and Boar on future Moncton trips and look forward to trying out dishes featuring their signature boar and east coast-style seafood. You really do need to eat here!

Tide & Boar Gastropub on Urbanspoon


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