Hometown Ideas · Prince Edward Island

Summer Time Memories – The Maze

Sundays are often quiet. They’re perfect for flipping through photos and tweets; piecing together the memories that were so ‘share-worthy’.

One such memory took place this summer. It was a warm evening and Scott wasn’t working – so we thought we would take in a sunset walk at the beach. This is a pretty normal thing, but with all the wedding planning and summer guests, we hadn’t had a lot of time to enjoy the best things that PEI summers had to offer.

We arrived at Brackley beach as most of the tourists were packing up for the day. It was still early in the season and the frigid waters were oddly crowded with jellyfish. We had no intention of joining them. The wind was low, so our kite stayed grounded. We tried a game of frisbee, but our hearts weren’t in it. After long days of work, it’s hard to keep your eyes on a plastic disk while watching for sharp debris that could cut bare feet.

We settled on taking a leisurely stroll. That was, until a drawing in the sand caught our eyes.

I’m going to be honest, I love those “PEI 2015” scrawlings that people do in the sand… but I’m too lazy to do one myself. I frequently take photos of abandoned beach drawings and post them to my social networks – I love finding these snippits of dialogue, left for nature to wipe clean. So when I found the single best drawing I’ve ever encountered, well I was beyond giddy.

We found a huge maze. Drawing in elaborate detail on a massive sandbar – just waiting to be solved. It was a dream come true – and without thinking we both threw our beach supplies aside and started racing through the maze, laughing wildly as we turned and retraced our steps. Zigging and zagging across the shore as waves threatened the edges of our treasure.

At the centre we found what appeared to be a massive diamond scrawled in the sand – lines of gleam permeating from it’s core. We threw our arms around each other, breathing in the warm summer air and reveling in each others presence. We’d forgotten about the other beach goers and let loose. It felt great.


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