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Pinworthy Soy Candle Inspiration

Pinterest win! #candle #pinterest

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After making soy candles for wedding favours, I find myself addicted to candle-making. It’s quick, easy, and satisfying – the perfect craft for a winters eve. And your creating decor that serves a double purpose of providing light and (potentially) scents in your space – win win!

I have yet to try scenting my candles, but I have tried a couple different colours and styles. The first, as pictured above, is a tri-coloured pour that resembles a creamsicle. These yummy-looking candles were surprisingly easy to make, requiring just an hour between pours.

Made this adorable candle with a little leftover wax from our wedding favours. #crafty #diy

A post shared by Laura Feeney-Greer (@ellefeeney) on

The second candle is simple teal wax poured into a mini-mason jar. It looks surprisingly sweet – and burned particularly bright. Soy candles are great because you can really use any type of heat-resistant dish – old candle holders, jars, or tea cups.

Looking for more great soy candle making ideas – check out this fantastic soy candle making board on Pinterest.


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