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Thoughtful Wedding Gifts – Our Lucky Bamboo

lucky bamboo wedding giftIn among our wedding gifts – the housewares and kitchen supplies – I found a very thoughtful gift from a couple of dear friends. This vibrant lucky bamboo plant – delicate and alive – really brightened my day, as it does my kitchen.

With our love of gardening and all things green, so this little plant was the perfect fit. So thoughtful and so cheerful. I love the sentiment of a “lucky” bamboo plant, where three sprigs of the plant signifying a wish of happiness. Sure, it’s a bit superstitious, but the meaning behind it is very sweet.

Every time I see that little plant, I am reminded of the amazing couple who we are so lucky to have in our lives.

No post would be complete without care tips! Bamboo springs – lucky or not – are easy to care for. We change the water once a week by holding the plant at a 45 degree angle and running a slow stream of tap-water through. Maintain a water depth of 12-15 cm. Watch for (and remove) and yellowing leaves.


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