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Photo-roll: Garden 2014

The first plants – before the seeds took off!

After a whopping 60 cm of snow and ice pellets over one night I’m tired, cold, and grumpy. What better way to forget the howling winds and shaking windows than a little reflection on the beautiful things ? Like my garden, of course.

This past summer we downsized to a 6 x 12 foot garden plot at our community garden. I can’t tell you how wonderful working in the community garden has been – we’ve met neighbors, learned new techniques, and surprised ourselves with delicious meals. It’s a fantastic place and I look forward to talking evening strolls there soon!

Seedlings – beautiful and delicate seedlings – beets, lettuce, onion, spinach


A couple weeks in – starting to see lots of greenery


The damage following Tropical Storm Arthur – we got lucky!


Our very first cucumber – I couldn’t believe my eyes!


Midway through the season and we were enjoying salad greens, onions, beet greens, and basil


So many cucumbers – I filled our cupboard with pickles!


Delicious salad greens and a forest of carrots


An early harvest – one of many


Delicious roma tomatoes, cukes, and hot peppers


All the makings of a chili!



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