Book Review – Yes Please

Yes Please

I finished Amy Poehler’s book – I write this with a little regret because I really wish I could read it again with fresh eyes!

I enjoyed Poehler’s creative approach to telling her story. She jumps from memories her childhood to memories from her rise to fame, using poetry, stories, and revised notes to tell the story. She speaks of her hard work – and I mean hard work – as she worked her way from a waitress into her roles as a writer on SNL, actress, comedian, and lead of Parks and Recreation. Hard work and perseverance lead her to her dream job – yet she didn’t stop there. Her loving description of her children is enough to make your heart melt. The book was a bit scatterbrained, yet honest and a fun read. I can’t recommend it enough.

What did I take away from this read? One of the most sentimental parts of this book is Amy describing her “moon watching” adventures with her two little boys. It was honestly one of the sweetest memories that I’ve ever read – and reminded me of playing with my niece and nephews. At this age, they won’t remember much of the specifics, but I’ll always have the memory of how my niece can talk me into anything and create something from nothing; my nephew’s big eyes and amazement at the tiniest of things; and my other nephews adventurous spirit and ability to master mechanical things that I still haven’t. Kids are amazing – and we can all learn a thing or two from them.


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