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Reflections from Four Weeks of Blogging


Snow days don't seem to bother Belle. Not one bit. #PEIstorm #catsofinstagram

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This year I’ve challenged myself to blog every day – for as long as possible – in order to get myself back into the habit. So far I’ve been excited. Ideas have popped consistently into my head. Bright cheerful posts filled with colourful photos have emerged along with plenty of fun memories.

Today I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve noted from my journey so far.

  • Writing takes dedication and practice, but making a habit of blogging helps the words to flow more freely. Seriously. F**k it, Ship it.
    My go-to motto
  • Creativity doesn’t mysteriously dry up – so write the posts you’ve dreamed about and don’t worry about tomorrow. The more you blog, the easier it will be to think up new ideas. Seriously, everything is a potential blog post, so post today.
  • Have a stash of complete drafts? Great – then post them immediately! Seriously, blog posts that you’re holding onto have a funny way of holding you back. I’ve been storing up a few for an upcoming vacation and the temptation is ALWAYS there to use these up. But writing every day means writing every – singleday. Saving posts just gives you an opportunity to slack off.
  • Blogging can be lonely, so reach out to other bloggers via WordPress or Twitter. Read other blogs, comment, and like. You’ll find things you love and want to build upon. Follow that instinct. And make new friends.
  • Daily blogging just feels good. It makes you feel alive. Give it a try for one full month and I can promise you that you’ll start to see things from a new angle. That’s just part of the adventure. And not in a fitness-diet-cult-regime kind of way (just to clarify).

That’s my thoughts for tonight – we’ll see where I’m at a month from now! My goal today is to make it to 100 days of continuous blogging. Let’s see how far I can go!


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