New Brunswick · Prince Edward Island

Lego ‘copter and #StormChips


Hey Folks!

It’s the boring Monday evening before the storm. I’m actually too lazy to do much of anything other than debate which show Scott and I should start binge-watching on Netflix (“the Musketeers” looks promising ;)). So I thought I’d share these lovely cell pics of our latest Lego build – the yellow ‘copter.

Not to be confused with the “big helicopter” – that one is on our storm day wish-list… if a day off work were in the cards for tomorrow perhaps.


If you’re living anywhere in eastern North America, then you’re probably bracing for the looming winter storm. Weather prediction is particularly hit-and-miss in Prince Edward Island, but I have a feeling that this storm will be proportional to the big whoppers we had last winter. So, in true east coast style, we picked up a few things at the grocery store. Including the ever popular #stormchips.



Our chip brand is, of course, Covered Bridge. I say of course because they’re made in our home province of New Brunswick and taste sooooo delicious. There’s hardly a party where we don’t come bearing Covered Bridge chips and some sort of New Brunswick micro-brew.

I haven’t figured out whether the storm chips are east coast specific, but they sure are trending on my Twitter tonight. I suppose if the weather is terrible, then you might as well enjoy a treat. Let’s see what this storm brings – stay safe everyone.



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