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Celebrating Hand Writing

Today is National Handwriting Day!

To be honest, this is the first time that I’ve ever heard of such a thing.

Today, I spent much of my time squinting at my own handwritten sticky notes – which are more or less illegible. It’s pretty fitting that today celebrates a skill that I barely take time to savour.

I saw a fantastic Brain Pickings post about Writers on Writing – a collection of essays from the New York Times. I was particularly entranced by the Quotes from Mary Gordon in an essay titled “Putting Pen to Paper, but Not Just Any Pen to Just Any Paper.” She speaks about writing, physical writing, as a catalyst for creativity – and talks about her pen lovingly. For writers, our pens are our instruments; they’re an extension of our thoughts.


My pen, pictured above, is one of my favourite possessions. It’s a matte silver Sheaffer fountain pen. I love how it writes, the black ink flowing at the perfect rate to create words without over-saturating the pages. I love the shape and weight of it – just heavy enough to feel substantial, but sleek and comfortable in my small hands. I savour the feel of popping off the cap and opening my notebook to a fresh page. My thoughts flow effortlessly.

My handwriting may not be pretty to behold, but it’s beautiful and creative.


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