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The Most Awkward Gift

Good old days magazine

This was my first Christmas as an official Greer. My husband’s mother had let slip that I should be “watching the mail”, so I would check every day with excitement – we clearly had something special coming our way.

I was surprised when one day, a week before Christmas, I opened the mailbox to find a copy of “Good Old Days”, a magazine aimed at senior citizens who want to remember the best parts of the past. Of course, as someone who hasn’t yet reached her thirties, I was taken aback. I’ll let the advertisements speak for themselves…

The magazine held a sticker stating “expires Feb 2016″… a year-long subscription?

I was so confused – was my mother-in-law was playing some sort of elaborate prank? Or, worse yet, was this her favourite magazine and she just wanted to share it with me? As someone who is not yet in her senior years and particularly young-at-heart, I couldn’t imagine the latter.

My husband arrived home that evening and I mentioned that the magazine had arrived. He grinned and asked what I thought. “It’s awful!” I exclaimed, bewildered. His face fell, “She thought you’d love it…” he pressed “and I thought it was a great idea.” I stared at him in a momentary shock. My husband thought that I would enjoy a magazine for senior citizens? I pushed it angrily into his hands.

“What on earth is this?” He said, his anger turning into a goofy smile. I shook my head, raising my hands in exasperation. “It’s supposed to be a copy of Crochet World!”. We stared at each other for a moment before bursting into giggles.

Sometimes the best intentions get lost in translation. As it turns out, the magazine company had sent me the Good Old Days mistakenly. My mother-in-law had sent me a subscription to a crochet magazine – a fantastic treat!

My first issue of Crochet World magazine reached me before the weekend and I’ve already found my next project. What a great gift from a fantastic mother-in-law!

My next crochet project from the pages of Crochet World Magazine.
My next crochet project from the pages of Crochet World Magazine.

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