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Wedding DIY- A Kiss Jar For Your Favourite Cause

Our DIY 'kisses for kittens' wedding kiss jar - Photo by James Cripps
Our DIY ‘kisses for kittens’ wedding kiss jar – Photo by James Cripps

Every wedding has its awkward moments. For me, that was bound to be the public displays of affection. Kissing my husband in front of a room of my closest friends and family? Yikes!

We knew there was no way of getting around the kissing game – one does not simply throw a wedding, after all [insert Boromir meme here]. But the clinking of metal against glass is so invasive to a dinner – we had to come up with a way to make the game meaningful for us.

There are lots of great ways to get away from glass clinking; having guests participate in trivia games, inviting guests to share a story about the happy couple, or encouraging your guests to create their own “touch-down” inspired tribute dances. These are all fun, interactive ways for your guests to take part in the day and really make the reception memorable.

We decided that we wanted to use the opportunity to raise money for one of our favourite charities, the PEI Humane Society. To add a little whimsy to the donation, we created our own cat piggy-bank to sit in the middle of our head table.

This DIY was simple: We purchased a chalkboard piggy-bank from Michaels, although  we could have DIY’d this with a regular piggy bank and some chalkboard paint. Using a Sharpie paint pen, we drew whiskers and a cat-shaped nose to create the cat. We then had a bridesmaid (with terrific handwriting) write the words “kisses for kittens” in chalk pastel. The result: a super cute DIY cat piggy bank.

Our guests seemed to enjoy the game, helping us to raise over 100$ for the Humane Society! It was a truly meaningful way to give back to the place our fur-babies once called home. And, despite my original apprehension, it was really enjoyable kissing my new husband as my friends and family cheered us on.

Have ideas for how you could customize a kissing jar for your favourite charity? Drop them in the comments below – I’d love to hear them.

Kisses are a must at every wedding ;) Photo by James Cripps
Kisses are a must at every wedding ;) Photo by James Cripps

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