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DIY Gift Tags

Hand-made tags for my first year as an official "auntie". #christmas #wrapping #diy

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I recently acquired a set of stamps. I wanted to make my own wedding thank you stationary and became enamored with the idea of stamping… so I bought a full set using a 40% off card at Michaels. Sigh. Who can resist a good deal?

This Christmas, while wrapping presents, I remembered too late that I hadn’t bought gift tags. You know, those pricey little tags that you stick to things, only to be ripped off and tossed aside? My stamp collection resurfaced in my mind – I could surely make something cute and eco-friendly!

I pulled a spare piece of cardstock and cut it into a rustic label size. A quick “With Love…” stamp and to/from – voila – adorable custom-made gift tags at a fraction of the cost.

Check back for more quick DIYs and paper crafts soon ;).


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