DIY Wedding Guest Book – Our Initial-Shaped Piece of Art

Our Guestbook - signed in mint, coral, and blush to match our wedding colours.
Our Guestbook – signed in mint, coral, and blush to match our wedding colours.

I went back and forth trying to decide what to use for a wedding guestbook. I wanted something unique and modern that wouldn’t be banished to the back of a closet.

I originally wanted one of the tree posters that your guest sign, but they were over-priced and take up a lot of space. I considered the idea of signing Jenga Blocks, a chess board, or a puzzle… but none of it really felt right. After scouring the internet for weeks, came across the idea of using the first initial of our shared last name and fell in love. We would have a lovely G to display in our home for years to come.

Scott’s father was happy to help us with the behind-the-scenes work on this – making it an extra special wedding gift. We displayed it with a simple sign inviting our guests to sign our guestbook and three Sharpies in our wedding colours.

Several friends of ours had gone with a plain canvas for their guestbook, but I noticed that guests were unsure of what to do it with. I wanted our guests to fill the entire letter with signatures, but wasn’t sure how to get the idea across. To overcome this obstacle, we brought the G along to our rehearsal dinner and explained the project to our closest friends and family. Then they had a chance to take their time to pre-sign the guestbook – a task that is so often forgotten when you’re part of the wedding party. The partially signed G was less intimidating for our guests on our wedding day.

We hung the G with a couple of hooks and two little nails – I love to read the well wishes and particularly enjoy the signatures from the little ones who were present on our wedding day.


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