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Around the Town – A Relaxing Afternoon at Beanz Charlottetown

Yesterday I took a little adventure to a downtown cafe to catch up on some reading and tea sipping. Oh I love the weekend!

I decided to check out Beanz Cafe, a locally run espresso bar in downtown Charlottetown. The atmosphere was calm and vibrant, featuring walls lined with locally produced art and plenty of seating. I ordered a cup of tea and found a quiet corner to catch up on a little Amy Poehler. Their sandwiches and treats look divine – I’ll be back soon to sample their lunch menu soon.

I love exploring cafes on my own – it gives me a chance to relax and people watch. I can’t help myself. When I lived abroad I spent an unreasonable amount of time frequenting cafes to catch up on my schoolwork. I love the busy atmosphere and humming background noise. It’s the perfect mixture of quiet and creative.

To make the most of the creative atmosphere, I decided to work on a page from The Art of Getting Started.



Two things to note: #1. It was very hard to find anything that I disliked about Beanz. The service was excellent, the tea was piping hot and in a pot that didn’t spill when I poured, and the atmosphere was bright and fun. #2. I am the world’s worst liar. Why would anyone lie about going to the gym? And why would they try to describe television shows when I spend all my time watching Netflix? I almost went as far as trying to describe a funny commercial I saw. Right.

I look forward to exploring more cafes in Charlottetown on the weekends to come.


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