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Garden Planning 2015

I’m so excited!

Today’s mail contained a special treat – the seeds that I ordered for this years garden!

I know –  it’s January, but I can’t wait to get these seeds into the beautiful red Island soil. Gardening has quickly become one of my favourite activities; great seeds are a hugely anticipated online order!

This year I ordered from Hawthorn Farms – an Organic Farm in Central Ontario. I used their pepper seeds in 2012 with amazing results. Their Jalapenos and hot Hungarian pepper plants yielded so many peppers that we’re still working though our pickled store!

Our harvest… #hot #peppers

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I can’t wait to try out the Hawthorn snap peas, beets, and baby lettuce mix. Their seeds are certified organic and each package identifies the season they’re packaged for, their expected germination percentage, and their date of packaging. Trust me, this is important information! In the past I’ve trusted retailers to provide me with the freshest seeds to my own disappointment. Think of packaging information as a best before date – without proper storage, seeds have a very limited shelf life.

Our garden plot is a 6 x 12 foot plot in the Stratford Community Garden. We’ve been a part of the garden community since its opening in 2012 and so far the experience has been fantastic. We love to exploring other plots and gathering ideas for our future gardens. Last season we watched our neighbor’s snap peas with particular interest – this summer we hope to enjoy our own crop of the crunchy snack!

This months awkward garden photo. #progress #communitygarden #summer2014 #PEI

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I’m sure to blog your eyes off about gardening and maintaining a garden journal in future posts – garden planning gets me through even the coldest winter days :)


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