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The Greer Family Band

Groom wedding present, ukulele
My Groom on the morning of our wedding.

Selecting a wedding present for my husband was tricky. I wanted something timeless; something he would cherish; something that reflected our relationship. I thought long and hard. I searched the internet. I scoured Pinterest. But then, a week before the wedding, the idea popped into my head.

What about a ukulele?

We’d talked about ukuleles during the summer – we’d daydreamed about learning to play the four-stringed instrument and serenading each other with love songs. We were half-joking at the time, but the idea brought to mind a certain charm and whimsy. A ukulele was the perfect instrument to share in our married life.

I found a tenor model that sounded right to me. On the morning of my wedding, I sent my Dad to deliver the present. I soon received the grinning picture above, which raised my spirits as I sat gossiping with the girls at the salon.

Music is better together #ukulele

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This Christmas I unwrapped a uke of my own – the little soprano model shown above – from my Dad. Scott and I been sharing the first ukulele for months now, so it’s been oddly fun to jam together on our own instruments. We’re far from pros, but with a little practice, we’ve already started to learn songs to play together.

Our first duet is Prayer In C – Robin Schulz ft. Lilly Wood & The Prick. We’ve started following the Ukulele Teacher, who’s YouTube videos are a fantastic resource for beginners. Check out the tutorial below:

Maybe we’ll be posting out own videos someday – as the Greer Family Band.  :)


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