Looking Forward: To Create Career-Related Resolutions, or Not


Hi Folks-

I was thinking about resolutions on my drive home from work today. More specifically, about my career-related resolutions.

I remembered that I had once used a book – pictured above – to help me to outline my goals and resolutions. By breaking them down into actionable items, they became more attainable. Until I forgot about the book altogether – which in hindsight was not such a great goal-management strategy!

When I arrived home this afternoon, I quickly located the resolutions book and flipped through the pages. Here I found my goals for 2012. I felt a pang of sadness mixed with pride as I read through them: make connections in PEI, find an entry-level job, run a race… they’re nearly forgotten now.

I reflected on the time before I’d found employment: remembering all of the strain and the fear. It all feels like a nearly-forgotten nightmare now. Yet so many of my goals were once focused around just “finding something”. Now that I have a job that I enjoy, it seems like I could forget about career-related goals,

Or can I?

To be truthful, I’ll never stop thinking about my future. New opportunities, new responsibilities, and new goals give me the fuel to keep moving forward. I’m definitely going to write a few new resolutions out for myself to work towards this year. And maybe a year from now I can look back on them with pride once again.


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