Welcoming a new year of blogging!


I’m a big fan of the new year.

There’s always a sort of magic lingering in the air – maybe it’s the anticipation of potential adventures ahead or the relief of the challenges behind – everything feels shiny and bright. Resolutions, goals, and dreams bubble to the forefront of our minds. We’re in-tune with our desires and discuss them openly, without hesitation. Friends are more encouraging than ever – I suppose they too are aiming to put their best foot forward. Everyone is focused on being kind or creative or healthy.

It’s oddly exhilarating.

I can’t count how many times I’ve said, both on this blog and in speech, that new challenges can be taken on at any time of the year. But… there really is nothing like a new year to kick things off!

So, taking a cue from my best friend, this year I plan to blog more. To share more. To live more.

Happy New Year!