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How to Pick Up Where You Blogged Off

Last week I convinced myself that Transitionelle was finished.

At my wits end.
At my wits’ end.

I haven’t updated it in months. I’ve all but lost my following. And I want a fresh start.

Or… do I?

Why not continue to use this blog to follow my adventures in twenty-something life?

What if I used this blog to fill in the gaps of my resume? What if I wrote out all the whys? What if I use this blog as one more tool on my search for my dream job?

What if I used this blog for other projects? To share my writing? Or to display tidbits of inspiration?

I can’t quit Transitionelle!

Are there rules for restarting your blog? Not a chance! It’s your blog – your voice – and you have the power to restart your blog at any time. So why not now?

Here are some tips for restarting your blog:

  • Feeling inspired? Use that rare opportunity as an extra push to get yourself going!
  • Delete all of those old drafts. Seriously, don’t let those dark clouds hang over you. Delete and move forward.
  • Just write something. Anything. Do a 10 minute free-write on any subject. Get those juices flowing. And post something new. Now that it’s out of the way, blogging isn’t so scary.
  • Write 10 post ideas. Now you have 10 ideas! Go with them.
  • Rethink your message to be. What was your reason for stopping? Do you still want your blog to follow the same direction, or do you want to move off on another tangent? Read just and go with it!
  • Reconnect with your best blogging buddy. Ask him/her for a little extra push – I’m sure they’ll be glad to see your posts again.
  • Consider your blogging schedule. Do you want to hold yourself to blogging every day? Or are you more of a ‘when inspiration strikes’ type? Figure out what works for you.

Don’t forget to ask yourself why you quit blogging. What obstacles may stand in your way? And how will you overcome them?

Other posts worth reading

Blogger Sentral suggests locating new blogging trends and getting on board. You’re starting over, so why not catch a new trend?

Darren Rowse at Problogger suggests taking a look at your old posts – get inspired by your personal or fan favourites and go from there.

Ninenines has a great guide to improving your blog content, looking at everything from design to SEO.

Happy Blogging :)


3 thoughts on “How to Pick Up Where You Blogged Off

  1. Ah, the mid-blog crisis. I’ve been there. ^_^
    It’s easy to completely neglect your internet accounts when things happen in real life. When you come back, you wonder where you were supposed to be in your list of groundbreaking posts. But even if your idea of your little presence is lost on you, you can still change course, keep your old material, and begin to write about completely different things.

  2. I’m trying to restart mine, it is hard! Things have changed a lot for me since I began over 2 years ago, but I decided to just push on and see what happens. It’s always been a relatively random blog, but that just reflects its writer :)

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