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A Wildcard’s Afternoon In Downtown Fredericton #Bringitdowntown (part one)

This year I am a wildcard.

That is, I won the chance to take part in Downtown Fredericton’s second annual Bring it Downtown campaign. Fifteen social media junkies and five wildcards were chosen to receive 100 dollars to spend at over 160 downtown businesses. Just in time for the holiday season!

After following the campaign closely last year, I was thrilled to be chosen to share my downtown experiences. I adore popping into the cozy little shops on Canada’s Great Street (Queen Street), eating locally sourced food, and wandering around with my boyfriend. What better way to prepare for the holiday rush ahead?

The theme for this year’s Bring it Downtown campaign was NEW. Trying new cuisine. Creating a new look. Finding a new holiday embellishment. Or trying a new activity. I set out on my adventure with the intention to prepare myself for the holiday season.

So Scott and I decided to start off with our favourite meal: brunch. And where was one place that I’d heard wonderful reviews but had yet to try?

The Cedar Tree Cafe

Yummy treats at the Cedar Tree Cafe, Fredericton

Locally sourced Lebanese cuisine served in a trendy atmosphere – the Cedar Tree provided a perfect brunch date for two. I ordered the mezza sampler (hummus, tabouleh, babaganoush, grape leaves, falafel, pickled turnip, pita) to get a feel for the Cedar Tree’s offerings. It was all very tasty, though the falafel stood miles above the rest.  Scott opted for the breakfast special: a 3 egg scramble with feta and spinach, hummus, granola, and sausage. The sausages were particularly delicious – spicy with a nice texture. He’s also added that the coffee was great. Of course, I stuck with tea.

I must say this will be a new place that I’ll suggest when my girlfriends and I are debating on where to exchange gossip over caffeinated drinks or a casual meal. The servers were helpful and energetic. And despite the Saturday morning crowd, I was still able to enjoy conversation and to check out the local art. A relaxing way to start your shopping adventure.

I’m not much of an impulsive shopper; this trip downtown provided me a great time to look into stores to ponder the perfect gifts for family and friends. I popped into some of my favourite shops to gather ideas for future Christmas presents. 

The following is a sampling of the stores where I browsed:

  • Endeavors/ Think Play: All manner of art supplies for the artist on your list and the coolest toys in town. My favourite toys were their delightful puppets (fraggles, wizards, and an assortment of animals), the Magic Ball 3D puzzle, and the
  • Savour Decor: With a gorgeous assortment of decorative items for the holidays, there’s something here for every home. I fell in love with their owl decorations and multi-coloured tea sets.
  • Geek Chic: The perfect place to pick up mugs, t-shirts, and plenty of stuffed nintendo characters for the proud geek on your list. Scott and I are still debating over the shower curtains – should we go Periodic Table or Water Cycle?
  • Room 2 Remember: Known for their mad variety of K-cups, this store sells some of the most interesting kitchen and bathroom bobbles that I’ve seen. A must-stop for future wedding and house warming gifts!
  • Westminister Books: My favourite bookstore in Fredericton. They offer a great selection of popular fiction, along with an extended selection of Eastern Canadian titles. Of course, Scott and I made a beeline to the kid’s section. They have something for every young reader on your list.

So what did I buy with my remaining Downtown Dollars? You’ll find out tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “A Wildcard’s Afternoon In Downtown Fredericton #Bringitdowntown (part one)

  1. Periodic table is cool, but a bit overdone. People might think you were just copying Big Bang Theory. I think you should go for the water table, it suits a shower and your field too.

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