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Quarter-Life Crisis: On Struggles

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This morning I was all set to write about overcoming criticism and insecurity. I was having a hard time elaborating, so I decided to do a little research on the struggles that other 20-somethings are facing.

This is when I stumbled across Taylor Cotter’s Huffington Post article on her lack of a struggle after graduation. I read it and found myself speechless. I know I’m coming across this one a little late, but… wow.

Ms. Cotter describes how everything came to her so easily after graduation: she found a job, moved into a nice apartment in the city, got a car, and even started a 401k all at the ripe age of 22. I imagine that most twenty-somethings would be envious of this scenario, but Cotter expands to describe how she feels her lack of a struggle has caused her to miss out on the character-building experiences of most young adults.

Given that she describes missing out on such struggles as being paid next-to-nothing for her work, balancing part-time jobs, and credit card debt, I think she sees achieving financial-stability as the overlaying issue of twenty-somethings. But that’s not the case.

The struggles that twenty-somethings face are as vast and varied as the individuals themselves. It’s never been just about our finances; it’s about trying to find our place in an already overpopulated world and workplace, overcoming our insecurities, and maneuvering through complicated relationship scenarios. At twenty you’ve experienced some sort of fear that’s left you weakened, you’ve experienced loss and grief, and you’ve lost that feeling of protection that you once had.

Wishing to experience to experience more struggles is basically inviting pain and suffering into your life. It’s as ridiculous. Naive. Juvenile.

There are multitudes of potential struggles to be faced by twenty-somethings, whether we recognize them as such or not.  A “quarter-life crisis” is not limited to just one type of struggle – but rather the combination of struggles faced by an individual. 

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3 thoughts on “Quarter-Life Crisis: On Struggles

  1. oh wow, her post made me feel somewhat nauseous… but at the same time I kind of feel sorry for her – like you said in your post, her entire world view and definition of success is limited to financial security. I wouldn’t wish THAT on anyone.

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