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Inspired by Weekends That Rock… and Roll

This weekend went off with nothing but hitches.

It was one of those well planned weekends, but with just a little weather it seemingly fell through. But where there was rain, there was also opportunity – which I took in the form of pickling some beans.

Ok – that’s a lot to take in so I’ll just start at the beginning.

On Friday I had the opportunity to attend my first ever Rock Festival: FredRock 2012 in my hometown (Fredericton, New Brunswick). Normally I’m not one for large crowds, but this summer has really had me stepping out side of my comfort zone in a lot of respects; from swimming in open water to fundraising outside of a liquor store, I’ve really tried a lot of things that scared me. Besides, I love live music and I really wanted to review the concert as the new East Coast contributor for Ride the Tempo. 

Matt Mays at FredRock

So I headed out with my friends in tow, expecting rain-showers and dressing accordingly. Fortunately, the rain held off – so I was stuck in my black and white rain boots for the duration of the evening. But I didn’t mind the discomfort – especially when I got to enjoy 8 hours of great performances from Walk off the Earth, Matt Mays, Awolnation, and Matthew Good.

But Saturday dawned as miserable as ever and I soon found that my weekend plans had fallen through. I was expecting to have a stay-inside-and-watch-movies day, when my boyfriend suggested we complete one of our summer goals: making spicy pickled beans.

My cayenne peppers are almost ripe for the picking, but this was the only string bean produced

This is one of those strange little things that we’d talked about for ages – ever since sharing Spicy Caesars at Cannon’s Cross Pub last winter. We tried our hand at gardening – growing cayenne peppers and string beans – to great success and failure, respectively. And when all failed, we hopped in the car and headed out to one of Fredericton’s favourite fruit and vegetable stands – Moxon’s Country Pumpkin.

The Country Pumpkin was as packed as always. We found everything that we needed for perfect spicy bean making – a 5 pound bags of string beans for 10$, fresh garlic, dill, hot peppers, and a loaf of their warm brown bread. That last one was a snack for me ;) As a bonus, we got to check out their attached petting zoo where I finally came face-to-face with Alpacas. Another random life-goal crossed off my list.

Alpacas at last

The pickling process actually went fairly smoothly, though I must admit that there is a learning curve to it. After two and a half hours of hard work, we came away with 5 – 750mL bottles of spicy string beans.

These photos that will have to suffice for a fast-forwarded version of a pinterest-worthy bean-pickling post. The recipe that we used is available on Canadian Living – I’ll have to let you know in 2 months time whether they turned out or not! Sorry to disappoint, but this post is already way out on a limb.

I’m pretty lucky. I might be caught without a job at the moment, but I’m pushing forward and looking at new options like never before. To top it off, I have a boyfriend who makes every weekend the best, even if it means chopping through 5 pounds of string beans with me. I can’t wait to make my own spicy Caesars with family and friends this winter.

Sometimes our best-laid plans fall through; both in our leisure time and our career planning. But if you’re open to a little improvisation you might just have a great time trying something new.

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