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Next Time Someone Else Makes the Signs

It’s me! In the Daily Gleaner! At Run for the Cure 2011 in Fredericton!

So these days I have been working pretty hard. Not work-working, of course, but instead I’ve been researching the ins-and-outs of becoming a freelance writer. With my measly portfolio and lack of business experience, there are a lot of things that I need to learn. And thanks to a wonderful selection of freelance writing guides and ebooks I’m gaining the momentum that I’ll need to set up shop.

That aside, I find like I have this new and inexplicable need to volunteer my time. I suppose it’s because I need to get out of the house as much as possible – and I enjoy working with great people for causes that interest me. At the same time I find myself offering to do strange new things that are well outside my comfort zone. Like wandering through bogs at night in search of frogs, or designing posters for a Run for the Cure fundraiser.

I was excited when my Run for the Cure team (Breast Intentions) reformed this year, although not so excited about our new team name (Head Shave 2012). That said, I’ve embraced the idea because I’m working with a team that includes a number of 20-somethings and teens who are willing to shave their heads should we reach our fundraising goal. I want to see that part through. (Also, please note that I will be keeping my long blonde locks – for the foreseeable future anyway).

Before heading to our first public fundraising event, which will be held outside the NB Liquor Store on Brookside Drive this weekend, we needed signs. And being a “creative person”, I offered my sign-making services. I have no experience making signs, but I thought ‘how hard can sign-making be?!’

Sign making is not for me.

Here’s the sign – you can see all the smudginess around the word “HEAD” – should I continue?!

Let’s face the facts: although I would love to be paid to write for a living, my hand-writing is frightening. I probably should have used desktop publishing software and taken it to be printed, but I was assured that poster board and markers were the way to go.

Tell that to my hand, which is now stained a blackish-purple from a run-in with a Sharpie.

Now I’m sitting here with a half-smudged sign… and of course the smudged part is suspiciously focused around the team name that I was not eager to accept. (Not on purpose, I promise). Should I continue and deal with the fact that the bottom is all a mess by trying to pass it off as artistic-expression? Or should I just chop it off and stick on something else? (Note: chucking the whole sign is not an option).

I guess it’s not been so terrible and my friends will appreciate the effort that I made. I did learn how to draw on poster-board and I’m starting to get a little bit quicker at it. Maybe next time I’ll come up with an easier design and have someone else do the colouring.


If you would like to donate to my Run for the Cure fundraiser I would really appreciate it! Follow this link to my personal page.

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