Inspired by Grand Lake, New Brunswick

Hi folks!

I had another opportunity to get out of town this past weekend and jumped at the  chance to recharge. Now, despite being a little sunburned, I find that my mind is more focused on my research and writing than ever. There’s nothing like a little vacation to jump-start the mind!

The shores of Grand Lake

I can’t help but think how lucky I am to live in a place as beautiful and inspiring as New Brunswick.

Grand Lake is New Brunswick’s freshwater lake which drains into the Grand Lake Meadows, New Brunswick’s largest wetland complex. The lake is about 20 miles long and 7 wide, which provides ample space for recreation and nature alike. This weekend I was pleased to spot a pair of Osprey flying overhead (although I forgot to bring my camera this weekend), as well as a great stock of Eastern painted turtles and catfish in one of the ponds nearby.

Eastern Painted Turtles in a pond next to Grand Lake

Being out in the water was revitalizing – on Saturday the sun was overhead and provided plenty of encouragement to dive right in to the relatively calm and clear waters. Of course, this isn’t always the case along these rocky lake shores! Grand Lake is prone to it’s share of flooding and hurricane conditions. But this weekend it was really the place to be; sailboats seemed to spring from every corner and cove, while people lined the shores and enjoyed a refreshing swim out to every kind of raft and flotation device imaginable.

On Sunday I enjoyed a chance to lounge with my feet in the water while devouring a couple chapters from Homer’s The Odyssey. There’s really nothing like reading about the sea with your feet in the water! It was an idillic setting to enjoy one of the greatest adventures ever written.

Getting my feet wet

However, I did learn that not everyone was able to enjoy their weekend. While enjoying a chicken burger at a local canteen (an important part of New Brunswick culture, I might add), I was shocked to hear customers at nearby tables complaining about how miserable the conditions were – comparing them to Fredericton’s balmy 30+ degree weekend. This was so funny to me; people complaining rather than enjoying a beautiful day. Though cooler and cloudier than the previous, it was the perfect day for reading, kite flying, fishing, or hiking.

We can choose to make every day amazing. By pausing to enjoy the beautiful things, I was able to have one of the most relaxing and refreshing weekends to date. I feel lucky to have spend time with some amazing people, to have enjoyed delicious food, and to have enjoyed the waters of Grand Lake.

For more nature and geology info related to the Grand Lake Meadows, check out this site.

And also check out  Canteen culture (in New Brunswick) from Saltscapes Magazine.

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