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Surviving Your Quarter-Life Crisis: An Inspirational Series

In the old days I would have made a beeline to the playground, but now I find myself snapping photos instead

I have been thinking about writing a series about surviving your “quarter-life crisis” for a while now. As a 25-year-old, I’m familiar with that feeling of restlessness and uncertainty that has been dubbed the quarter-life crisis. I would love to share my insight and inspiration on how to stay on track.

What is a Quarter-life crisis? It’s typically described as a time when a young adult is between adolescence and adulthood. It’s a time of transition and self evaluation; characterized by stress and anxiety about where your life’s going. You might find yourself trying to make sense of life, but feeling stuck and insecure. Or you might long for the past, or wish to skip over the transitional period entirely and ‘settle down’.

These feelings are all a part of transition.

The whole quarter-life crisis phenomenon is old news, but the attention that it’s receiving is relatively new. In the past childhood was followed by adulthood, with little thought about the time in between. I suppose those were simpler times, but now we’re burdened with technology, seemingly pointless university degrees, and an expectation to be busy at all times of the day.

Young people experience a lot of pressure to excel. After being herded around from activity to activity throughout their youth, it’s overwhelming to be thrown into a world where you have to make your own way. We’re becoming exhausted by the need to excel in our work and social lives, pushing  1 in 3 people in their twenties to report feelings of depression (infographic). We need to be wary of the effects of mounting pressure on our health.

In the coming weeks, I would like to talk about:

  • Overcoming feelings of failure and insecurity
  • Accepting your progress, or seemingly lack-thereof
  • Tips for developing and following through on your goals
  • Enjoying (and living in) the present
  • Moving forward in your adult relationships
  • Appreciating your small victories and gaining momentum

So basically what I talk about anyway. Check back for my weekly posts on the quarter-life crisis!

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