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Stop Enabling Yourself to Make Excuses


I have on goal for the week. And it’s pretty simple.

To stop using the word ‘but’.

But why?

I believe the language that we use has an impact on our perception of our self-worth and happiness. For example, I use the term ‘goal’ instead of ‘resolution’. Goals are more attainable and not so easily tossed aside as the overpowering resolution.  The use of more positive terms makes goals feel more plausible and achievable.

However, when I read through my list of goals I see myself using the term ‘but’ and awful lot. “I want to become a freelance writer but I have yet to publish anything in print” or “I want to run a 10k race but I can’t fit the training in my schedule”. ‘But’ provides me with the perfect place to insert a seemingly innocent excuse into my own plans – and I am on to it!

So I’m going to try to cut down on my excuse-making by cutting out the word ‘but’ as much as possible. Or at least being aware of its use as a gate-way to excuses.

Do you have a word that you’d like to drop from your vocabulary? 

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7 thoughts on “Stop Enabling Yourself to Make Excuses

  1. just replace it with “and”.
    I want to become a freelance writer and I will publish something soon to reach that goal.

  2. I want to drop the word “tension” from my vocabulary. The simple notion of even writing down this word here gives me,well,tension. And knowingly or unknowingly, we have made it a habit of using this word whenever we feel even a little stress. What do you say?

    1. Agreed – although I’m more likely to use the phrase “I’m so stressed…”. I imagine that using the terms ‘stressed’ and ‘tension’ act similarly to positive feedback loops, creating more stress from the thought of it being there in the first place.

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