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The Importance of Maintaining a Positive Outlook While Seeking Employment

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It’s a rough time to be searching for a job. But dwelling on the current job market won’t help you find employment.

In fact, Scientific studies that examine the impact of a positive outlook on job seeking success have indicated that a positive outlook correlates to a more successful job search. And why shouldn’t it?

Positive people are easier to be around! It’s no wonder they see more success.

There are a number of areas where positivity can improve your job seeking results. From increasing your momentum when researching employers and job postings, to shining through when social networking and writing your resume/cover letter, right through to the job interview phase. Maintaining a positive attitude will help to set you apart from a crowd of people who are just dragging themselves through the job seeking process. And, of course, it will help you to feel better as you do it. What’s not to love?

Of course it’s not always easy to maintain a positive outlook when you’re facing harsh competition, limited opportuities, and months of rejection. Here are a few tips to help you maintain an optimistic outlook during your job search:

1. Remind yourself of the great gifts that you have.  Reflect on your skills, experiences, and strengths. You are the master of your own thoughts, so why not focus on what you’re capable of?

2. Treat yourself to a reward when you achieve a victory, no matter how small. For example, enjoy a night off with your friends or significant other with no mention of “stress”, “unemployment”, or those other dreary thoughts that get you down. Surrounding yourself with positive people will give you a boost like no other.

3. Try new things. This is your chance to put yourself out there and take on some personal development. Try a class, volunteer, work part-time, join a professional/networking group, and give yourself some room to grow.

4. Speak positively about yourself. The next time you catch yourself speaking poorly of yourself, STOP! Be your own publicist; start talking about how determined you are to find a job, or how you’re moving forward in your search. Let others take cues from how you speak about yourself.

5. Stop obsessing about the past and the future. You can only live in the present, so make it your daily mission to put your best foot forward. Try starting off each day by writing down a to-do list and make it your goal to accomplish each task. Large tasks like finding employment are best tackled one step at a time.

6. Take rejection in stride. Try to take away one lesson from each rejection, whether it’s a new interview question, or a skill-set that you probably-should-have pushed a little more. Put these lessons to use at your next interview and remember that this is all a learning process.

Only you can control how you feel – and no one is going to force you to be an optimist. Even optimists feel defeated at times, but they continue to shine because they can get back up and learn from their mistakes.

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