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Today’s Google Doodle: Hartland Covered Bridge, New Brunswick

I was born and raised in New Brunswick. After several years of travel and studying in big cities and far-away places, I am happy to be back in the beautiful “Picture Province” that I call home.

So imagine my excitement when my Facebook NewsFeed was flooded with posts about today’s Google doodle…

Hartland Covered Bridge?! Aw yeah!

Since my family is originally from such unheard of places as Bath, Johnville, and Florenceville, I am pretty excited to see a familiar landmark getting a little Google.ca spotlight.

Built 111 years ago in 1901, the Hartland covered bridge is the world’s longest covered bridge at 391 meters long. It was declared a National Historic site in Canada in 1980.

The bridge itself is pretty narrow, with room for one car to pass at once. The walls are wooden beams, with even breaks that permit a view of the beautiful St. John River. Although my parents assure me that you can easily fit two cars on it at once – I think it’d be a good way lose your driver’s side mirror.

So Happy 111th Birthday old bridge. I’ll be sure to keep your age in mind the next time I’m crossing.


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