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Know What you Want and Work Towards It With Cat-Like Dedication

I’ve been questioning for a long time whether I should write a series on the lessons that I’ve picked up from watching my cat. She’s really a tiny grey ball of passion, ruthless dedication to her causes, and intense focus. These are cat-like traits that us people-folk would be lucky to have. So I’m going to try it out… cat-themed inspirational posts.

Oh, you didn’t know? I’m that person.

Cat wanting out
This is what I want, now I make it happen

The first cat-lesson is this: Know what you want and work towards your goal. This comes at a time when my delicate indoor kitty wants nothing more than the freedom to explore the backyard and eat grass until she explodes. She has a goal and she pursues it. Relentlessly. By sitting next to the door; picking at the weather stripping; and howling whenever someone is in earshot. It’s annoying, but occasionally someone breaks and takes her outside for a little adventure.

How does this lesson apply to you? Well, if you’re reading this I assume that you’re trying to improve something in your life. Maybe you’re a recent graduate like me, who searches endlessly for employment in my field. Or maybe you have employment, but you’re looking for something more rewarding to suit your interests? Of maybe you’re just in a rut and looking to get out? It’s time to figure out what you want and start pursuing it!

Where do you see yourself going? Which activities make you excited? Which jobs and experiences in the past have made you want to wake up on a Monday morning? Are all these questions reminding you of one of those ‘parachute job seeker books’?  Good! Because you need to have an idea of where you’re going before you can set out.

Write out your aspirations – make a collage – start an inspiration board – whatever works for you. Now that you know what you’re aiming for, start working. Create a plan – are you going to call a bunch of businesses that interest you? Or talk to a mentor whose been there before? Whatever your plan is, you need to commit to it. And pursue it relentlessly. And if it falls through, try again from a different angle.

You only have one life to live, so go for it! Like my cat (might) think “I’m going to get what I want, one way or another…”

Bonne chance :)



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