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Recent Graduates: A Worthwhile Career Guide (review)

If there’s one career guide that university students and graduates should check out, it’s You Majored in What?: Mapping Your Path from Chaos to Career
by Katharine Brooks.

This book has provided me with a lot of inspiration for blog posts about job skills acquired from part-time work as a sales associate and research assistant, as well as a great amount of reflection on my goals and skill set. It’s also provided me with tips for writing resumes that are worth reading and answering tough interview questions. It’s become an invaluable tool in my job search.

I’ll be honest: I jumped around while reading this book and I didn’t complete all of the writing exercises; regardless, I took away the lessons I needed and many more.

What did I like about this book? It was thoroughly inspirational and advice-packed. The author spoke in a voice that was authoritative, yet understanding, and provided a positive outlook on job searching. It was written for someone in exactly my situation.

The resume writing and interview tips proved invaluable – but I learned the most from the chapter that outlined the 10 types of mindsets. It provided an outline of each mindset, including a description, it’s importance in the workplace, and ways to develop it for future use. Understanding my strengths and weaknesses in these terms proved invaluable for job interviews, where you are often asked to describe your strengths.

I’ve already recommended this book to a friend, who gave it a positive review as well. I really recommend it to anyone who is in university or has recently graduated – it will give you the spark that you need to think outside the box when searching for your dream career.


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