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Another Look inside my Wreck this Journal: Doodles and Disasters

It’s a thunder stormy kind of day, so I decided it might be fun to crack out my Wreck This Journal for a little artistic expression. I hope you enjoy!


Oh my goodness was this page ever fun. A while back I stumbled across Vi Hart’s blog and was enchanted by her Math doodling videos. I was inspired! So of course I used what I’d learned in her doodling infinity elephants video to fill in this page with an infinite number of circles! I think it turned out pretty well, although my triangle page is a bit of a mess.


Here’s an example of a time where, despite my best efforts, the book turned on me. After drawing a rather lovely fishy (kind of a theme in this journal), I allowed the book a full day to dry. But upon shutting it, the glue managed to seal the pages shut regardless. Can’t win them all!


I love this doodle. My significant other and I went all out trying to out-draw each other… resulting in this crazy barking-dogs-and-chemistry-glassware drawing. Oh scientists.


Gah. Another fail. This page was all about gluing items found items. I went with the theme of “Things I Acquired While Studying Abroad”: my Frosh bracelet, pretty stickers, a fudge menu from a store in Edinburgh… and those 3D glasses that I almost always want to use for one reason or other (case in point – cool 3D youtube videos). Too bad I glued them in AND used staples to secure them.


This page is a sign – what do you want it to say? NEVER GIVE UP! What does it really say? That I’m clearly a terrible sign-maker. Regardless, this page makes me smile because of the sheer desperation to it. It’s the perfect mix of optimism and exasperation.  A perfect note on which to end this post. ;)


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