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Volunteering: Turning Your Free Time into Valuable Experience

I’ve read numerous times that volunteering is a great way to spend your time while searching for employment. After-all, you have plenty of free time and the ability to provide assistance to an organization of your choosing, so why not get out there?

In reality, everyone can gain something from volunteering – whether you’re helping out an organization related to your intended career, or just an organization that really interests you. It provides you with an opportunity to gain practical experience in an area of interest and also the chance to do some networking with like-minded individuals. Double win?!

Hyla Park just after sunset

This weekend I finally got back into my field gear and took part in some biological sampling at the Nature Trust of New Brunswick’s Frog Survey in Hyla Park, Fredericton. The experience was both enjoyable and instructive; providing me with a chance to get back into field biology with a group of nature lovers of all ages. I had a great time tagging along and helping out where I could.

It was fantastic to spend some time with the younger generation. It really reminded me of the joy and awe that I used to experience when searching out “super cool” frogs. It truly was a reminder of my childhood ambitions of becoming a biologist.

At the same time, the survey involved wading through murky water after dark – something that would normally send me cowering in fear. But with the help of a headlamp and the encouragement/eye-rolling of my sampling partner, I overcame my fear of the unknown (and that tail-slapping noise that beavers make) and caught my first grey tree frog.

I hope to see more people out for the sampling next week; the Nature Trust will be running the program on Saturdays for 4 more weeks. I recommend it to anyone who has an interest in frogs, nature, or biology – it’s a very memorable activity for all ages.

Click here for more information about frog sampling in Hyla Park, or check all their upcoming activities at


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