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Three Pieces of Job Seeking Advice for Recent Graduates

So you’re a recent graduate with a degree in … well…  something that probably seemed cool or profitable at the time. But now you’re searching for your first post-degree job and finding out that the life of a graduate isn’t as full of opportunity as you’d anticipated.

Aren’t we all?

So to shine a little sun on your Friday afternoon, here are three great pieces of job seeking advice.


1. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Here’s the deal, you are a unique special snowflake. But so is everyone else. You’re experiences are different, so just because you’re friend has a house/car/special someone doesn’t mean you’ve somehow failed at life. The game’s not over yet!

2. Don’t obsess over the little things. One job application, failed interview, awkward cold-call, or any other little task or mistake is not worth fretting over. Consider it a stepping stone. And keep pushing yourself to accomplish the next task.

3. Put yourself out there and be open to opportunities. Entry-level positions and funded Masters degrees are becoming increasingly rare. So when the opportunity to gain experience in your field arises in an internship or volunteer work, you might want to consider it. It sure beats staying home all day!

Hang in there job seekers!


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