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Blogging Confidently: How to Share Your Blog with Family and Friends

To continue on with yesterday’s blogging theme, I thought I would address one of the most awkward parts of starting a blog: sharing it with family and friends.

Sharing too much of ourselves can be intimidating, especially for those of us who like to stand behind the camera

There are some people who are perfectly comfortable sharing their writing with everyone in their life. To these people I say “good for you!”. For the rest of us, sharing something as personal as our own writing is crazy intimidating. Trust me, you’re not alone when  you question sharing your writing with family and friends. That said, the people closest to you are a great source of critique and inspiration.

I kept my blog a secret for quite some time because I was afraid that people wouldn’t appreciate my writing. In hindsight, I see that hiding a blog from the people who are most likely to praise and encourage me was probably not a great idea – but the fear of my family and friends criticizing me far outweighed logic. But after sharing my blog with everyone in my life I can say that the encouragement and support has really motivated and encouraged me to keep going.

So if you’re like me and afraid to share your blog with those closest to you, here are a few tips I hope will help you to start sharing:

  • Try sharing your blog with just a few of your closest contacts. Do you have blogger friends? A sibling or parent who always encourages you? A friend with similar interests to your blog’s theme? Try sharing your blog with these low risk people first.
  • After becoming comfortable with your closest friends and family, try sharing your blog with a few more people who you might expect to have more negative reactions. You might even have to explain what a blog is to them since the majority of non-bloggers assume it to be some kind of diary. Be patient and explain why you started your blog and your goals.
  • Post a link to your blog on your Facebook or Twitter. Take a deep breath. Watch your blog’s stats climb as your friends’ curiosity links them to your blog.
  • Create a Facebook “like” page for your blog and invite your friends to join. Now they know you’re serious.

Remember: this is your work. Sharing is going to feel awkward at first… and you’re probably going to want to sit by your computer screen to watch your comment count, statistics, and referring sites. Try not to over-think it!


10 thoughts on “Blogging Confidently: How to Share Your Blog with Family and Friends

  1. Spot-on. Thank you! I’d already started sharing with people of similar interests before I read this. Baby steps. In perhaps a few more months I’ll be sharing with almost everyone else.

  2. I can tell everyone about the kind of writer I am and how much I love to create, except for my family. There’s something difficult and strange about it, maybe even ironic. I can tell friends and complete strangers about my stories and how I am progressing with them, but not the people closest to me. Sometimes I feel as though they don’t take it seriously, or maybe they don’t think I am.

  3. Definitely. It can be problematic when you have content you WANT to share but also personal stories you might feel uncomfortable sharing with people from real life. I am finally to terms with the fact that I’ve grown much more comfortable in my own skin and I no longer mind knowing people from real life are reading my writing. It’s more fun that way!

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