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Recent Graduates: 6 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

Blogging is often misunderstood.

People tend to assume that a blog is a sort of online diary where you share your daily life, your complaints, or your dinner.

I like to share smartphone photos of my weekend adventures, which is why I made a tumblr account (click image to check it out).

This doesn’t have to be the case!

In fact, a properly managed blog can be a powerful tool to get you noticed in a competitive job market. Not convinced? Here are some reasons for starting a blog:

  • A blog is a great place to share and improve your writing. Over time you’ll develop a sharper eye for detail, which is great if you’re interested in pursuing writing as part of your career.
  • Blogging helps you to develop your opinions. You’ll have to give reasons to support your viewpoints, and commenters may provide you with new information to take into consideration. Let yourself grow.
  • Blogs are a great place to share the things that interest you. This can be as simple as sharing news stories or as elaborate as writing your response to a new theory or event.
  • Blogging can be a job-related skill. Companies have blogs and search for new talent to write for them. Your online efforts could help you land a job blogging, in social media, or as an online community manager.
  • Blogs allow you to maintain a connection with your chosen field of study. If your a biologist, for example, keeping in contact with other biologist bloggers could help you to keep up to date with news and gain new networking opportunities.
  • Blogging is actually pretty relaxing and gives you a sense of accomplishment. And if you’re searching for employment, a small accomplishment can be a big motivator to keep trying.

Remember, a blog is a place where you can choose to share anything you wish – but you’re in control of what ends up out there. If you start a blog, make it your goal to keep it true to yourself. Don’t stand in the way of your own success.


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