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Starting things on your own time

I’m one of those people who loves to start things at “significant times“.

What’s a significant time? In my mind it’s the beginning of a week, month, or year – a literal time to start fresh. But really, it’s just an obvious way to put something off for a few more days. A productivity startegy with a built-in mechanism for procrastination. Who said I wasn’t brilliant?

In reality, there is no better time to start something than…? The moment you come up with the idea? That rainy day where there’s really nothing better to do (after you’ve finished watching all of the movies leading up to the Avengers)? Or… right… now?

Stop waiting for the rain to pass – get out there and succeed!

So write your novel outside of November (national novel writing month)! Start applications before the deadline! Start a new fitness regiment the day you read about it! Start a new blog on a Thursday! Plan a healthy meal for the weekend rather than starting a diet on Monday! Don’t let motivation pass you by!



4 thoughts on “Starting things on your own time

    1. Even after writing this I want to wait until Monday to start doing… anything. It’s a struggle to overcome procrastination!

  1. I’m a bit of a procrastinator too. I do the same thing as you and wait for a ‘significant time’. I’m going to take your advice and get started on a project right NOW!!

  2. I am such a horrible procrastinator! I keep telling myself “I’ll do it on Sunday” or “I can work on that after school.” I even do that with smaller increments of time like “I’ll get off the computer at 4:00.” I just had a really bad procrastinating event so hopefully I’ll get better at it. Maybe this summer…

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