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Gogogo: stop holding yourself back!

I have a motto. It’s kind of ridiculous, but it inspires me to no end…


Yea, it’s abrupt. It’s aggressive. And it’s always encourages me to keep moving forward and to jump at opportunities.

Sad-face only works for my kitty – figure out what you need to achieve your dreams

When I consider the fact that I am unemployed, or any other frustrating truth about my present situation, I realize that there is really only one thing I can do to make it better. And it’s pretty simple: by doing something! I can send another resume; call one more company; contact one new person to build upon my social network. The only thing that won’t work is holding myself back.

So gogogogogo! Accomplish your dreams by taking one step, no matter how seemingly insignificant, today!

Everyone has a saying that inspires them – what’s yours?



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